Today in the city Trois-Rivières 20.10.2017
Review: 2019 Audi A8 offers a glimpse of driving’s high-tech future

The 2019 Audi A8 is probably the most high-tech car in its class, though it's signature self-driving feature isn't yet available

Review: Flashing Lights brings sci-fi to the Toronto stage

Ambitious co-production between two indie companies immerses the audience in the cacophony of the modern, hyper-connected family

Notley pans NEB’s ‘somewhat discriminatory’ Energy East pipeline project review

Ms. Notley’s NDP government won’t pursue a legal challenge for now to determine whether the National Energy Board overstepped its mandate

Review: COC’s Elixir of Love lacks the right formula

The bel canto ‘comedies’ require a lot of elements to come together, and this surprisingly unambitious production doesn’t quite have them

Review: Mark Felt is a Watergate explainer that doesn’t explain much

Peter Landesman’s Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House is not the zeitgeist chaser it’s being marketed as

Review: Goodbye Christopher Robin is a dark exploration of the unhappy Milne family

Goodbye Christopher Robin portrays the young Christopher Milne as a child often neglected by a distant father and a vapid mother until his toys inspired the Winnie the Pooh books

Un camionneur invente une histoire d’agression

Un camionneur de 58 ans se retrouve dans de beaux draps après avoir inventé une histoire d’agression à coups de bâton de baseball par deux hommes cagoulés, qui auraient ensuite volé son camion avant d...

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